- Jeff & Janet Grant

Our focus during this civil war in Haiti is to provide the hope of Jesus through Child Evangelism.   Schools are not able to function regularly but they go when they are not shut down.  We can't use names or the areas we work in for safety reasons but we have permission to use photos.  We are currently working in two areas of Haiti.  
  • We provide an education for 40 students
  • We provide weekly Good News Clubs for 125 students, including the Word of God, Songs, Crafts, and a full meal. 26 Children have come to know Christ this year!  We were told there is great joy during these times.  The children can be children, laughing and singing.
  • We Have started a Community/Parent Study at the same time offering a Bible study, Worship, and full meal
  • We have Adult and Children's weekly mini Trade Schools, teaching them products they can make and sell
  • Sunday Church Services  are part of the program with a snack after
  • We also provide resources helping the refugees fleeing gang violence 
  • We provide resources to help our children and families with food and necessities
If anyone is interested in helping us we would love to talk with them!  
To God be the Glory!
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